Ulipsu: A Global Platform curated to explore and master skills

Ulipsu, Kidevnto’s flagship product, redefines skill education for students aged 6 to 16. Rooted in a holistic approach, Ulipsu offers a comprehensive array of skills vital for the modern world. From AI, Coding, Finance, Entrepreneurship, to Robotics, Design Thinking, Data Science, and more, students embark on an enriching journey weaving contemporary proficiencies with timeless foundations such as Mathematics, Language, and Life Skills.

Nurturing creativity through hands-on activities like art, craft, and science DIY, etc. Ulipsu also introduces Career Interactive learning modules, enabling students to chart their career paths. The essence of Ulipsu lies in its interactive, gamified learning modules. These modules, aligning perfectly with students’ attention spans, impart bite-sized classes that invigorate skill learning with innovation, engagement, and joy.

The curriculum of Ulipsu adheres to global benchmarks set by the UK, Singapore, and the US, guaranteeing learning excellence. Our standardized skilling curriculum provides a structured pathway, featuring quality content, interactive learning elements, certifications, and projects across a wide spectrum of skills. This cohesive structure guarantees that every student receives a comprehensive, high-quality learning journey.

Learn more at: https://ulipsu.com/

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