Shape Robotics is a Danish EdTech company founded in 2017 that produces, sells, and distributes educational robots and turn-key STEAM Labs for primary and secondary education, offering primary learners digital and technological skills education, fostering lifelong interest and teaching basic STEAM vocational digital skills at an early age. Through our technology labs and basic robotics, young learners are taught introductory programming, robotics and AI in an environment that promotes problem-solving and teamwork, capabilities that will be useful no matter what eventual career the student will have. For today’s youth to be digitally prepared for the future, internet access and a computer are no longer sufficient. By promoting more advanced digital and technological skills at an earlier age, the school curriculum will provide widespread digital and technological literacy and a head-start for students aiming for STEAM fields.
Shape Robotics’ primary focus was the modular robot system Fable, designed and developed by Shape Robotics to teach students coding, robotics, and computational thinking in a fun and interactive way. In 2021, Shape Robotics added STEAM learning to its product offering. STEAM Labs (Smart Labs) offer a comprehensive approach to education through hands-on learning with robotics.
Nowadays, a typical Smart Lab from Shape Robotics includes Fable Robots, Virtual Reality headsets, 3D printers, 3D scanners, 3D pens, and interactive displays, which are all uniquely bundled together for educational use by integrated learning material and ready to incorporate into a classroom technology solutions for STEAM education.

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