Momenti challenges the status quo. Media format has been the same for the last centuries. Only the appearance has been changed, but the essence is still at the same primitive stage. Therefore, content today is always flat and static, resulting in less engagement and content apathy. Momenti is a content platform that enables interactive content that you can touch and engage. By breaking the 4th wall for any digital content, it creates visceral and deeper emotional engagements.
Momenti’s .GIV(Gesture Interactive Video) technology is currently being utilized as new digital content creation tool for global leading brands – such as LG Electronics, H&M, Vogue, Pantene, L’Occitane.
We do think education is one most important vertical that Momenti tech can be integrated and bring powerful synergy, and in fact Momenti have been approached by many modern education companies. Finally, joining and starting with the 2023 Saudi STEM Education Summit, Momenti has decided to pursue Modern & Green Education projects in KSA. Join the revolution of educational media and content with Momenti!

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