MM Educational Group is the brand name of an international group specializing in content creation and the development of superior quality educational materials. The Group consists of nine distinct and distinguished companies. All business units are involved in the sharing of knowledge and collectively develop content and provide educational solutions in four subject areas: English Language Teaching (ELT), Computing and ICT, Math’s, and Science.
To this day, MM Educational Group remains committed to spreading knowledge. Yet the company’s vision has evolved into something even greater, namely, to advance global education through dynamic innovation and continuous collaboration with local partners.
We publish materials for 4 subjects at all school levels (Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Vocational as well as College):

www.mmpublications.com for English Language Teaching resources
www.binarylogic.net for Computing-ICT resources
www.vectormsint.com for Science resources
www.vectormsint.com for Math’s resources

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